General Terms and Conditions
1. Contract:
A legally binding rental contract is formed when we accept your booking request (online, written or by telephone) and send you a confirmation for the booking.

2. Subject of Contract & Price
The rental contract encompasses rental of the apartment that we reserve for you as stated in the booking confirmation. Included in the rental price is the rent, heat and electricity charges, as well as the garbage removal costs. Services above and beyond that will be charged. The apartment may not be occupied by more people (including children) than are listed in the booking confirmation.

3. Payment
The advance booking fee for the apartment is 100,00 € and must be paid upon receipt of the booking confirmation. Please transfer the remaining rent to the named account prior to your arrival. If the payments are not made according to the contract, we can assume that the renter has withdrawn from the contract.

4. Booking confirmation
Please store your booking confirmation with care –it documents your right to occupy into the apartment.

5. Withdrawal/Changes/Replacement-Renters
The Renter can withdraw from or make changes to the rental contract at any time. The Renter can also name a replacement renter. Any such changes are valid as of when the written notice arrives at our office by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend that you obtain travel insurance. If the Renter does not arrive within 24 hours of the agreed time, the apartment will be made available to other renters, and the Renter loses his right to move into the apartment.
In the event of cancellation, € 100 will be retained as a processing fee. In addition, if the apartment is not re-let, the full rental price minus 10 percent energy costs will be charged.

6. Liability /Deposit
The Renter is liable for normal treatment of the rented apartment and for any damages to the apartment caused by the Renter or any accompanying guests. If any damages are discovered after the Renter has left the apartment.

7. General Terms
The renters must dispose of garbage in the intended containers. Please park your car in such a way as to not block other cars from leaving.

8. Check-in and Departure
Check-in is possible as of 16:00. Earlier check-in times must be arranged with us. The renter must have cleared the apartment by 10:00 on the day of departure (a later check-out can be requested). The apartment shall be left in a tidy and well swept condition.

9. Complaints
If the Renter notices that the apartment is not as described, or notices any defects upon moving into the apartment, the Renter is obligated to mention these immediately. We generally fix any deficits immediately. The Renter must notify us of any damages to the apartment that arise during the rental period.

10. Severability Clause
If any one of the clauses of this Contract is found to be invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other clauses, nor of the Contract as a whole.

11. Jurisdiction
The court in Traunstein has jurisdiction over any disagreements that arise from this Contract.