Activities in Inzell ...
Inzell and the surrounding area offer many possibilities to spend an active and recreational holiday. For example, you can explore the Chiemgau area on your bicycle. The well-maintained bike paths will lead you through fragrant forests, green meadows and past rustic farmhouses with mountain peaks providing a stunning backdrop all the while. The level and sunny valley of Inzell is an ideal area for biking with families.

More than 2000 kilometers of bike paths connect the Chiemgau with the Berchtesgaden and Salzburg areas. The possibilities are too numerous to count. You can pack your swimsuit and bike to the lakes – Förchensee, Lödensee, Mittersee and Weitsee. A day trip to the Bavarian sea – the Chiemsee - is worthwhile. You can circle the lake by bike or by boat. Sightseeing and biking can easily be combined. A bike path along the Red Traun river leads to the Mammoth Museum in Siegsdorf.

There is much to discover on foot as well. Either on one's own or on the Panorama Path – cackling geese peaking through fences, windblown barns in green meadows, small birch forests rustling in the wind ... Those who want to know exactly what they are burning can walk along the "Calorie Promenade." Ten educational panels along the six-kilometer long path inform you about your calorie use. After 13 Minutes you have burned away a glass of wine, after 90 minutes a whole ham hock. A path for the soul lets erases all stress in four stations: breathe, forget time and let nature surround you.

For more ambitious hikers, the peaks of the Zwiesel, Gamsknogel and Hochstaufen call! From Inzell you can see their rugged peaks, but you need sure-footed and have a bit of stamina, but you are rewarded with shady pine forests, grassy meadows and narrow passes. Why not enjoy a beautiful sunset and then stay overnight at the Reichenhallerhaus on the peak of the Hochstaufen? The views are unforgettable: Salzburg by night and the sunrise over the Chiemsee.

Have you tried Nordic walking? Boost your circulation, strengthen your heart and your your muscles all while enjoying the beautiful landscapes in the Inzell valley: sense the grass under your feet, breathe the tangy forest air, and listen to the roadside cricket concert. With 150 kilometers of paths in and around Inzell, every Nordic- walker will find a favorite route – from level paths through the nature preserve to challenging mountain walks up to the Chiemgau mountain huts.

Since 2006 Inzell is the German Ski Federation's "Nordic Active Center," and specializes in Nordic walking. Signs mark three routes in town. The routes begin at the Nordic Active Center by the swimming pool. The advanced level walkers might chose the nine kilometer black route along the Falkenstein with a ten percent grade and 197 meters altitude difference. The easier blue route weaves its way through the lovely hilly landscape at the base of the Teisenberg. Others may prefer the romantic scenery of Inzell's moor whilst walking the red-route. The educational panels along the way explain the proper use of Nordic walking sticks.

Those who would prefer to walk with a guide can do so with our experienced Nordic walking guides. The Nordic Active Center also offers courses and has the necessary equipment for hire.