A spa vacation in Inzell ...
... means setting your soul free. The beautiful landscape here lets your spirit soar like nowhere else.

Walking paths running alongside brooks you will see the world from a fresh perspective and sense your surroundings with each breath – the quite babbling of the brook, the quite rustling of the wind in the trees. Your problems and day-to-day worries shrink and you gain new energy.

Do you like to go to the sauna or swim? Inzell's scenic natural lake, swimming pool and attractive sauna landscape are only five minutes away. You can awaken your body and soul at the sauna spa: there is a Roman steam room, an Ottoman bath, a Finnish sauna and an Alpine hut sauna.

In the Ottoman bath you can experience the steam wafting through the dimness while listening to the gurgling of the fountain and feeling the tingling of the salt and honey scrub on your skin. Time to close your eyes and breathe the aroma of essential oils. Then wake your senses with a tropical shower or ice rain.

Alternatively, go work up a sweat at the Falkenstein sauna: the thermometer climbs up to 98 degrees Celsius spreading the scent of fresh wood. Use the outdoor waterfall to cool off.

After the sauna, enjoy a foot-reflexology or hot stone massage. You can book for these at the reception desk. You can find more information about the Inzell bathing center at the following websites: